Victory Car Cruise

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  • Victory Car Cruise
  • June 24, 2022
  • Friday, 5:00 PM To 9:00 PM

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Victory Car Cruise

Victory Car Cruise

Friday, 5:00 PM To 9:00 PM
June 24, 2022


We love cars. We love people. Put them together and we’ve got all we need. Oh, and food trucks too. Don’t forget the food trucks.

  • Choose from three entrances and avoid traffic
  • Pick from 600 prime parking spots
  • View the hundreds of other cars on display
  • Enjoy eating at the weekly food truck rally
  • Show off for over 3,500 regular attenders
  • Take advantage of our on-site car photographer
  • Interact with vendors and more
  • Compete in our car trivia prize giveaways

For more information visit https://victorycarcruise.com/