3D Printing for Custom Cars and Restorations

3D Printing technology is winning over fans among custom car builders and restorers as more and more restoration and customization shops are learning to leverage this technology to develop a unique component for their custom creation or re-create an “un-obtainable” piece for a restoration project.

With a wide range of materials to choose from, including metals, plastics, composites and more, 3D Printing (a.k.a. Additive Manufacturing) allows for a variety of options for a builder to choose from. It also boasts the ability to produce components that cannot be developed using traditional manufacturing methods giving a builder an additional level of creative freedom he or she may not have had otherwise.

Even major car manufacturers are getting into the act with both Mercedes and Porsche turning to 3D Printing technology to recreate parts for their older vehicles which are no longer mass produced.

Without the prohibitive high cost of molds or tooling, 3D Printed components can be produced as “one-off” pieces or in low quantity runs at a reasonable price point. While this isn’t always “cheap”, it is often affordable and when combined with rapid turnaround (weeks vs. multiple months) and easily modified designs it is often the technology of choice for builders.

These same features have made 3D Printing attractive to individual car owners and car clubs as well. The next time you’ve worn out ebay and are still unable to find that rare part, consider whether 3D Printing might be the option for you!

MAXmotive recognizes the ever-changing car culture and looks to HV3DWorks for all of its needs. To see more examples of 3D Printed parts for Custom Cars and Restorations, please visit www.hv3dworks.com

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