MAXmotive Launches Consignment Program

We have recently unveiled our new consignment program, and it is already a great success. Our first consignment vehicle has been sold in just a matter of days. Will your’s be next? Bring it over and let’s find out!

It was a fun-filled weekend at the World of Wheels car show in Pittsburgh Pa. a couple of weeks back. As we walked amongst all the cool classic , custom , and vintage vehicles we spot a show stopping 1941 Willys coupe. This thing was Awesome!!! As we spoke to the owner she immediately expressed her love for the car but was interested in selling it for the right price. She also said that she had no interest in advertising the car because she didn’t have time to show the vehicle, nor did she want strangers calling and coming over to her house. At that point I began to tell her about our new consignment program. I explained the benefits of consigning the vehicle with us at MAXmotive. I let her know that we handle all the advertising and sale of the vehicle. That means no strange calls in the middle of the night from tire kickers and dreamers. We also feature the car in our top notch climate controlled indoor showroom as well, which means no strangers coming over the house. She had known about our company but had no idea that we offered a consignment program.

Needless to say, she was super excited and agreed to bring the Willys over the following Monday. After filling out the simple and easy consignment agreement, our team at MAXmotive immediately begins to go to work. We elegantly showcase the 41 Willys under the Maxmotive photo staging area. The vehicle glistens from the reflections of our professional lighting. The high definition camera captions the true beauty of this 41 Willys styling and finish. After the photoshoot the vehicle gets a little more camera time as we proceed to shoot an informative video narrated by none other than local legend, Mr. Bobby Martin. The video also displays the functionality of the air ride suspension and engine start. From there the car also receives a very professional and decriptional write up. Being that the consignor provided a bunch of information on the 41 Willys , we were able to word together a super informative write up that read like poetry.

The 41 Willys Coupe hits the old Interweb and it immediately begins to draw a lot of attention. The first person who called about it was from my home state of Florida. The man explained to me how the 41 Willys was always his favorite car growing up. He had recently bought a 41 Willys coupe but it wasn’t really the one that he wanted. After looking at the one we had advertised, he said that he wished he would have waited a couple of weeks and bought ours instead. The next day the same gentleman called me up and said that he wanted a closer look at the Willys. He expressed how he couldn’t sleep the night before thinking about the Willys. The gentleman wanted to arrange to come see the vehicle and wanted to fly over to inspect it for himself. I told him that it wouldn’t be a problem if he wanted to come over and check out the vehicle. He flew in the following morning.

After spending the day at the showroom and looking over the 41 Willys , he decided to make a reasonable offer on the car. After a few minutes of negotiating we shook hands and agreed upon the number. The deal ended up getting the consignor the money she wanted for the Willys and got the buyer his childhood dream car as well. This example is what we strive for at MAXmotive. We make the consignment experience hassle and stress free. The for sale sign at the local car show can only take you so far. Consign your vehicle with us and we will market your Classic , Custom , or Vintage car globally. Let us help you reach the ultimate goal of getting your Classic car SOLD!!!

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