The Benefit of Classic Cars – Pittsburgh, PA

The popularity of classic cars grows with any day. But why is that?

MAXmotive went to work and interviewed several classic car owners at a car show last weekend.

First, we met George and his beautiful 1957 Chevrolet Corvette. George owns his C1 Corvette for over a decade and restored the car by himself. He said it was always one of his dream cars growing up as a kid. 12 years ago, he finally saved enough money to make his dream come true. The Corvette is his pride and enjoyment that he can’t imagine missing anymore. A dream became a hobby for George, and we are certain that we will meet George again at several upcoming car shows.

Further down the road we were stunned by a Highland Green Mustang Fastback sitting next to a 1968 Dodge Charger. A couple minutes later we started talking to Marry and Jack, the owners of this beautiful movie cars. The couple told us about their passion of “Hollywood” cars. The Mustang and Charger are just two cars of Marry and Jack’s collection. In their showroom you will find the “Gone in 60 Seconds” Eleanor, the Herbie Beetle, the Duke of Hazzards Charger and many more famous movie cars. In about 5 years the couple will retire, and they are planning to open a museum. Marry stated that they want to put smiles on people faces while browsing through their museum. We say, what a great idea!!!

Next, we stopped at a 1958 Cadillac. The owner Rich is a long-time art collector. Rich started in his early days to collect paintings. But soon he discovered the beauty of vintage cars. Especially the cars out of the 50’s are masterpieces he said. In his experience classic cars are a great investment and a joy to be around. For him originality is the key. Rich isn’t done buying more cars yet. One special car is still on his bucket list and he is looking to purchase it in a couple of years. BTW, he didn’t want to tell us which one it is ??.

Now it is time to tell you about Jason and Jenny we met. Both are in their early twenty’s. A high school sweetheart couple who just got married a couple month ago. Both enjoy classic cars. Jenny spend lots of time in the garage with her dad building cars growing up. Jason shares the same story. One year ago, they stopped at a junk yard where they saw a diamond in the ruff. A 1972 AMC Javelin. The couple agreed that there can’t be a better car for them starting with a J!!! The Javelin was bought and towed to Jason’s dads’ garage. Long story short – Jenny’s and Jason’s dads are now best friends since they started working together with their kids on the Javelin. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get into the classic car society. We interviewed a lot of classic car owners. Many buy them for an investment. Many buy them to have a hobby and to work on them. Many buy classic cars for their memory. Folk, but what the most important thing about the benefit of classic car is that everybody had a SMILE on their faces at the car show!!!

This is what this all about.

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