What is a Restomod?

Recently, many people have asked us what is a restomod?

An easy answer to this question is that you take a classic car and you modernize it with a newer drive train, suspension, etc… No more pumping gas. Just turn the key and go. This is what a restomod is all about. Over the past years there is an increase of restomod builds. Many custom car builders have been commissioned to build the next best and baddest restomod that is out there. The competition between builders has debuted some of the most incredible and awesome cars the world has seen. From a 1967 Ford Mustang powered by Ferrari engine to a 1969 Dodge Charger with a V10 Viper engine. Everything seems to be possible these days. If you like the old classic style but you prefer the comforts and performance of a modern vehicle then a restomod is a great choice for you.

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