Lisa’s Favorite Car – The Corvette

We all are familiar with Americans love of the Chevrolet Corvette. What you may not know, is originally in late 1953, the Corvette was designed as a “show car” for the Motorama display at the New York City Auto Show. During the show the Corvette was extremely popular. As such, General Motors decided to make a “production version” to sell to consumers. Ever wonder what Corvette means? The Assistant Director for the Public Relations Department at General Motors suggested “Corvette” in 1953. It refers to a small maneuverable warship designed for escort duty. The General Motors executives approved the name in 1953.

Since I was five years old, my eyes light up every time I see a Corvette. I love the sleek lines and the stealth look they promote. The lines of the Corvette’s of the sixties are my favorite. They are unique and you immediately know it is a Corvette.

Since starting at Maxmotive, I have also discovered Restomods! The exterior of the car stays true to the year it was made, whereas the interior has been updated to be brand new. My absolute favorite car at Maxmotive is the black 1964 Corvette Restomod. This Corvette offers factory air, power steering, power brakes and a 327/396hp engine with a three-speed automatic transmission. The interior is clean and stunning and the exterior black paint glistens! This is truly my dream car.

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