1948 Ford Replica Deluxe Golf Cart

It’s bright red in true hot rod tradition. It sports a beautiful woodgrain dash and a white 3-spoke steering wheel with the Ford logo proudly displayed on the horn button. The interior makes a nice contrast with the red paint with a brown vinyl bench seat and light brown carpeting The decklid opens to a spacious trunk, and there’s even more storage with two locking glove boxes on the dash. Red steelies with chrome baby Moons are wrapped by cool white stripe Goodyear tires. Hit the gas and go in this 1948 Ford hot rod. One more thing, it’s a half-scale golf cart! Gas powered with oil injection and a centrifugal clutch set up makes this machine simple to operate and easy to drive. It’s amazingly comfortable, and powerful enough for a full day of golf or cruising a car show.

  • Gas powered with Oil Injection
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • Parking Brake
  • 1948 Ford Fiberglass Replica
  • Bright Red Exterior Paint
  • Creme Canvas Canopy
  • Operating Headlights and Taillights
  • Opening Deck Lid with Real Trunk
  • Brown Vinyl Bench Seat
  • Light Brown Carpeting
  • 3-spoke Steering Wheel with Ford Logo
  • Walnut Woodgrain Dash
  • Two Glove Compartments
  • Goodyear White Stripe Tires
  • Baby Moon Hubcaps
  • Simulated Chrome Grille
  • Matte Black Bumpers

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