Limitless – A custom 1948 COE Hauler

One of the coolest aspects of the collector car industry is the fascinating people you meet. Alan Yee is from Kahaluu, Hawaii, and he is full of energy and enthusiasm as anyone we’ve ever met. You’d have to be to create one of the wildest vehicles in the Maxmotive collection. He designed and built a 1948 Ford COE Custom Hauler that stands out in any display, car show, or cruise. The paint is a wild custom orange with black accents, the engine is a 500 cubic inch Cadillac with not one, but two BDS blowers, and it rocks a sound system with no fewer than 5600 watts. On the back is a Big Dog custom chopper that matches the truck, and has its own ramp system for loading and unloading. The whole package is so unique, it comes with its own trailer.

How did this amazing rig end up 5000 miles from home? Alan’s laid back (“hang loose”) Hawaiian attitude knows no boundaries. When he wanted to do a custom show in California, he just had the truck shipped over by Kalitta Air. Connie Kalitta is a legendary drag racer and car guy himself. And he knows no limits either. Kalitta Air flies tanks overseas for the military, elephants for circuses, and recently made news flying Americans home from China in the middle of the Coronavirus scare. Connie’s fleet will haul stuff no one else will touch.

When the buyers from Maxmotive discovered this show-winning custom hauler, it was immediately shipped cross country and added to the Maxwell Family Collection. The truck appeared at the first Steel City Nationals in August of 2019. Master Builder Alan Yee “himself” graciously accepted Maxmotive’s invitation to attend. A 5000 mile trip? No problem. Alan delighted the showgoers with his sense of humor and limitless knowledge and talent. And since his home in Kahaluu is right around the corner, we may see him at another event soon. Stay tuned.

More good news. Maxmotive is now offering this one-of-a-kind 1948 Ford COE Custom Hauler for sale! Check out our webpage for more information and specifications.

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