1949 Type 14A Hebmüller


On Display At Events Throughout 2023

1949 Type 14A Hebmüller Specs

  • Chassis: OEM Pro Built Type 2 Barndoor Beam, Penske Coilovers & Custom Trailing Arms
  • Paint: Black Hole Black & Bad Blood
  • Interior: Upholstery By Mike & Carol of Sewline Products, Denver Co. Light Grey German Square Weave, Dakota Digital HDX Gauges, Kicker QS Speakers and Kicker KX800 Amps
  • Wheels & Tires: One-off Designed by Kindig, Built By EVOD 15×5(F) 16 x 8(R), Nankang 145/70-15, Firestone 205/60-16
  • Engine: Built: Eric Allred of Red E Motorsports, Case: Autolinea Raised-Roof Aluminum Super Case, Crank: CB Performance H-Beam 82mm 4340, Chevy Rod Journals, Rods: CB Performance H-Beam 5.5” Chevy Journals, Cylinders & Pistons: AA Performance Products 94mm, “B-Style” Pistons, CAM: Engle FK-8, Heads: CB-Performance 044 Wedge Part CNC, Rocker Arms: CB Performance 1:4:1 Sweeper Lifters, Ignition: Compu-Fire DS-X, Carburation: Weber 48iDAs, Oil System: Schadek 25mm, Exhaust System: A-1 Stainless “Sidewinder” 1-⅝” Primary, Fan Shroud: Bernie Bergmann (Modified), Other Modifications: Stainless Push-Rods, Straight Cut Gears (Steel), Finned Aluminum & Vented Valve Covers

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