Worth Its Weight In (Mohave) Gold

The ’72 SS454 Tribute in Mohave Gold.  Could this be the quintessential muscle car/hot rod?

The muscle car era brought us some serious iron from GM, Ford, Chrysler, and even American Motors.  Today we’ll focus on Chevrolet, whose performance heritage is the stuff of legend.   55-57 Chevys, Corvettes, Camaros, Chevelles, Malibus, Impalas, and Novas all have captured the hearts (and heartbeat) of throngs of devoted followers.  Chevy history brings us magical names like “SS,” Yenko, Nickey, and Motion Performance; and legends such as Grumpy Jenkins, Reher and Morrison, and of course Dale Earnhardt.   And near the top of any discussion on Chevrolet legends has to be the powerful phrase “Big Block Chevelle.”

The Chevelle SS has always stood as one of the quintessential muscle cars.  These cars have endeared themselves to the classic car, collector, and hot-rodding worlds because they offer a great platform for power.  Its perfect size and full frame construction allow it to handle a big motor and big power.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great looking car too.  From the beginning, owners have added mags, headers, cams, tachs, and big tires.  A Chevelle SS396 or SS454 makes a great street machine or race car.

The world took notice in 2006, when Ray Allen’s 1970 SS454 Convertible brought more than $1.2 Million at Barrett-Jackson.  Bear in mind, this was not an “original” car, but a former SS/EA Super Stock.  A hot rod.  Super stockers are cool because they are serious race cars with loads of serious hardware and science, but the essential vehicle remains intact.

The Ray Allen Super Stock Chevelle Was A Game Changer. It Brought Added Prestige And Value To All Muscle Cars. (Photo By Mecum Auctions)
The Ray Allen Super Stock Chevelle was a game changer. It brought added prestige and value to all muscle cars. (Photo by Mecum Auctions)

Which brings us to our subject car. This 1972 Chevrolet Malibu Chevelle SS454 tribute combines many of the iconic elements that have cultivated the legend. It boasts one of Chevy’s best muscle motors, the mighty 1969 427 – an engine known for its ability to rev as well as produce gobs of torque. It’s been cammed, headered, compressioned, and tuned to a conservatively estimated 650 horsepower. The sensory experience certainly carries over to the glorious sound. And like the Ray Allen car, the power works through a Turbo 400 automatic. Even the 12-bolt Posi rear axle is a desirable item.

Let’s take a tour of all the familiar elements that have simply become a part of the classic car culture.

The Mohave Gold 427 powered SS454 Tribute is runner as well as a looker.  All of its iconic ingredients have been successfully blended to produce outstanding results.  You can learn more about it here.   https://maxmotive.com/vehicle/1972-chevrolet-malibu-v1333/ 

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