Last Call MOPAR Collection Bundle


Challenger, ‘Cuda, Charger, RoadRunner, GTX, Duster, Super Bee, Six-Pack, Magnum, and Hemi. Cars and engines with these revered titles have carried the Mopar name to legendary status. And vehicles carrying these designations, especially combinations such as Hemi ‘Cuda, have earned top tier rank and prestige with collectors. What’s truly exciting is that this represents much more than a bygone era. Modern Mopars have generated the same kind of eagerness and enthusiasm as their forebears. One prominent collector who has caught the fever (remember the Dodge Fever ads?) is David Maxwell.

The Modern Mopar section of his Maxwell Family Collection now numbers well into double figures, and includes some of the most desirable cars available (and some not so available.)

We have access to the vault, so let’s take a tour of what’s inside.

First of all, there are three of the Last Call Special Edition cars.

2023 Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat Widebody Black Ghost Last Call Edition.​

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody Black Ghost Last Call Edition.

The Black Ghost is a tribute to a Detroit street racer from the early ‘70s, Godfrey Qualls, a former Detroit police officer and decorated veteran. His Hemi Challenger became known as the Black Ghost and in 2020 became part of the National Historic Vehicle Register. The new Black Ghost takes all the goodness of an SRT Hellcat Widebody, which is pretty much the top of the Challenger line, and adds: 10 extra horsepower, 20×11 Carbon Satin Warp Speed wheels , roof, Vintage Dodge badging, and exclusivity — only 300 were built. So only an elite group of dealers could even get one. Vintage touches include script fender badges, and Dodge callout in front of the hood, like the original 1970 model had. What it doesn’t have are SRT badges or anything that says “supercharged.” There’s some street racer stealth going on here.

2023 Dodge Charger Srt Hellcat Widebody King Daytona Last Call Edition.

2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody King Daytona Last Call Edition.

A tribute to another street racer with a soft side that made a difference. Big Willie Robinson was known as “King of the Street Racers” in LA and as a multi-cultural peacekeeper. The King Daytona is much like a Black Ghost with four doors. It brandishes the same 807 horsepower supercharged Hemi engine and Warp Speed wheels. There is, however, no attempt to be furtive. And that’s as it should be. Big Willie was a 6 foot 6, 300-pound bodybuilder, whose weapon of choice was a ’69 Dodge Daytona wing car. It was orange with racing decals and lettering with messages that should have been deterrents to potential foes, such as “Keith Black Racing Engines.” Subtlety was not part of Wille’s nature. So it is with the King Daytona. It does have SRT badges. And Hellcat badges. And a stripe over the deck lid with a self-assured “King Daytona” ID. It’s bold but not brash. The color is a Go Mango, a beautiful orange pearl. The interior is luxurious. Its orange stitching surrounds Alcantara leather seats with suede inserts, and a mile-long list of charismatic comfort and convenience equipment.

2023 Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat Widebody Black Ghost Last Call Edition.

2023 Dodge Challenger Shakedown R/T Scat Pack Widebody Last Call Edition

The Shakedown was the first of the Dodge “Last Call” cars. There were 500 Scat Packs produced in Destroyer Gray, and 500 Scat Pack Widebodies in Pitch Black. This is the Widebody. Pitch Black. 392 cubic inch naturally aspirated Hemi V8. 475 horsepower. And while sporting the 392 Hemi and a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, it can be viewed as a luxury car with attitude. The kingly thronesare Premium Black Nappa/Alcantara seats with red stitching, and there’s attractive red interior accent stitching on the dash, console, steering wheel, and seats designed for an upscale feel. It’s comfortable in here to say the least. It’s loaded with heated seats with memory, heated steering wheel with power tilt column, carbon fiber and suede accents, rain-sensitive wipers, and navigation. Distinctiveness is a hallmark of the Shakedown, paying homage to the Shakedown concept car that appeared at the 2016 SEMA show. It has its own striping, unique R/T grille badge, “Shakedown” IP and spoiler badges, 20×11 carbon black Warp Speed wheels, and its very own over-the-top stripe.

If we simply consider the track record of rare Mopars, Hemi powered cars, and the Challenger and Charger names in general, these Last Calls – the last of their kind – seem to be destined for elite collectability. But consider the here and now. These are amazingly comfortable and drivable cars, and as such are supremely enjoyable. The heritage and history come from the muscle car era. Those who were around back then would acknowledge that no one could have dreamed of such cars in the 60s and 70s. 800 horsepower was the territory of race cars at the highest levels.

Let’s drive them and enjoy them while we can. Some may point out that Last Calls were hard to get, and all are spoken for. The good news is these are available now, even as a bundle. There’s more Modern Mopar Muscle in the collection along with some very special custom and vintage cars as well. Stay tuned.

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