The Ford Model A

Can you imagine the roaring 20’s in Detroit? All major car manufacturers were racing to build the best, most reliable, and cheapest vehicle on the market. The economy was thriving and Americans were ready to buy the next best automobile. In response to the demanding market, Ford Motor Company developed their Model A. Unlike the older Model T, this newer model produced more horsepower (a mere 40hp) and was overall a bigger vehicle; a wider wheelbase and an added two feet in length–people fell in love with the new body style of the Model A. As a result, Ford sold one million units in its first two months of production and an additional one million in the next five months. Although the total production period was short (1927-1931), Ford sold nearly five million Model As in four years.

Sure, five million total units doesn’t sound like a lot in today’s standards but in the 1920s and 1930s, Ford was certainly satisfied with this result. However, as the decades rolled on, less and less Model A’s were found on the road. Moving from an everyday driver to collectors’ garages, they became more and more rare. Fortunately, at Maxmotive we have three fully restored Model A’s ready to hit the road. If you’re interested in all original models, we have two 1930 Model A’s with the original period correct 4-cyclinder flat head engines. Both are convertibles with functional folding tops, 3 speed standard transmissions, and low mileage. Not looking for an original Model A? How about a 1928 model with a 350 cubic inch V8, 3 speed automatic transmission, and a removable hard top?

Interested? Check out our Model A’s

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