Letty’s 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Here at MAXMotive we are fortunate to sell some of the coolest and unique cars ever built. Some vehicles are even celebrity cars that have been featured in television and film. One of the more popular and recognizable vehicles in our inventory is Letty’s 1973 Plymouth Barracuda that was featured in Furious 7. The Movie starts with Dominic Torretto driving with Letty Ortiz as the passenger. At this point in the movie franchise Letty is suffering from Amnesia and asks Dom where they are going. He tells her that they are heading to a familiar place that should jog her memory “Race Wars”.When they arrive he tells her to take the wheel and race a quarter Mile against an Audi A8.

Dom proceeds to tell her not to worry that the Audi A8’s transmission would blow out and it would be an easy win. His prediction was correct as she took the checkered flag because the A8’s transmission blew. Her memory then starts to stir and she accidentally punches Hector, a fellow friend and racer in the face in almost a moment of paranoia and proceeds to drive off in the Barracuda alone. The vehicle is then seen almost at the end of the film with Letty driving around the streets of Los Angeles with Ramsey in the passenger seat as they nearly get blown up and chased by drones all over the city. The vehicle is then last seen when Ramsey was able to disengage the God’s Eye Program and they witness Torretto plummeting several feet through debris in his Dodge Charger with Letty running towards him. It has come to be an Iconic vehicle as there have been toys and diecast models made after it and the vehicle is known as Letty’s Barracuda.

These types of vehicles are known to be Hero Cars as they have big parts in film and television that are usually driven by the good guys in defining moments. It is such a pleasure to come to work everyday and see such a big piece of recognizable automotive history sitting in our showroom. Letty’s Barracuda is for sale and can be seen in our Boca Raton Showroom or on our website maxmotive.com. Visit our website for full info on how you can put this Iconic piece in your collection.

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