Tri-Five Treasure Trove

Their praises are sung in songs everybody knows, by artists everybody knows, like Eric Clapton (I Got A Rock n Roll Heart). There’s even a song 57 Chevy. (Sue Medley) They’re among the most customized, restored, shown, cruised, and raced cars in the world. They make great lowriders, show cars, and gassers. Oh yeah, babe. A ’55 with a straight front axle, a polished scoop poking through the hood, and radiused fender wells is among the baddest hot rods ever. But if the front end is nearly scraping the ground, that’s way cool too. The full-size Chevys from 1955 through 1957 all have their fans who will defend their favorite to the end. They’re all included in the most-wanted list, whether it’s the plainest 150 or the most loaded out Bel Air. Even the wagons are highly collectable, especially the Nomads. But now 210s and Handymans are coming into their own. It’s been said that the ’69 Camaro or a modern Mustang is the new ’57 Chevy. The Tri-Five fans just consider that a compliment. It’s just another way of saying, “this is a popular car.” The 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air was the best-selling car in America that year. Interestingly, the 1957, among the most iconic designs ever, was actually outsold by its archrival at Ford that year. But today the 1957 Bel Air fins, trim, and logo have come to represent the classic car culture. At Maxmotive, we’re more than happy to participate in the fun. Dig this row of fabulous fifties masterpieces. Allow me to introduce, from left to right, the Tri-five Row. First is our 1955 210 2-door sedan. This one’s for the purist. Gypsy Red and India Ivory two-tone. The amazing 265 V8. And three-on-the-tree. Next, we’ll add a little more hot sauce. This one’s a ’55 Bel Air with a new ZZ383 small block, complete with two (2!) four-barrels on a chrome intake pumping out 425 horses. And four-on-the-floor. The red and black paint with the Cragar mags makes this car a knockout. Notice that car #3 has a decidedly nose-down attitude. This ’55 210 hot rod sports a hopped-up 355 small block mated to a modern 700R4 automatic. Next is a ’57 Bel Air representing all the great ’57 customs out there. 350 small block that you can view in a mirror under the hood. Leather Interior. Four-wheel disc brakes, and a brand new coat of candy red paint. Finally, the War Wagon. She looks resplendent with her Orange Pearl and Charcoal Metallic paint. It’s got everything from a custom leather interior to remote control windows. It’s not a bad mover too, with it’s 383 stroker motor. The point is that a Tri-Five can be almost anything you want it to be. It’s such a great platform. There’s room for any engine. There’s room to bring your friends and their luggage. The full-frame construction makes it able to handle gobs of horsepower for years. And the looks have just become part of American culture. And yes, we have a ’56. It’s down south in our Boca Raton showroom. 1955 to 1957 Chevys. Everybody’s owned one, went to the prom in one, wanted one, built one, or has some other story. When you see this line-up, what story or song comes to mind for you?

by Bobby Martin

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